Exclusive Annuity News

Posted By: Linda Koco on 4/16/2014

Allianz is bullish on the future for the fixed index annuity business in the rep space...

Posted By: Cyril Tuohy on 4/15/2014

Pacific Life's Retirement Solutions Division (RSD) is broadening its sales strategy beyond variable annuities...

Posted By: Cyril Tuohy on 4/10/2014

The top bank holding company in annuity fee income last year was Wells Fargo, with $837 million, up 10.28 percent from 2012...

Posted By: Cyril Tuohy on 4/9/2014

Douglas Dubitsky, vice president of product management for Guardian Retirement Solutions, calls longevity – outliving assets in retirement – one of the greatest risks facing the U.S. today...

Posted By: Linda Koco on 4/9/2014

National Retirement Planning Week is here. But where is the discussion about annuities?...

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