Annuity Professional Insights

Posted By: Rich Lane on 7/25/2014

The annuity purchaser demographic is changing. What was previously thought of as an investment strategy for retirees is now making a foothold with a younger group of investors — a group that understands the need for a sound retirement investment stra

Posted By: Chris McDonald on 12/11/2013

The indexed annuity with guaranteed minimum income benefits rider could be a safer alternative to bonds in your client’s retirement portfolio...

Posted By: Rich Lane on 12/4/2013

More new entrants are tapping into the financial potential of the fixed annuities marketplace. As they make inroads into this industry, competition for customers is fiercer than ever...

Posted By: Bill Fay on 11/27/2013

Buying an annuity these days feels like dining out at one of the 1,000 or so franchise restaurants in my town...

Posted By: Bill Fay on 11/20/2013

Nearly every story about annuities -- or even the mention of annuities -- includes a kicker to remind people that this product is for retirees or for those at the doorstep of retirement...

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