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Joseph Clark, CFEd, RFC

Sr. Business Development Advisor, Brokers’ Choice of America

Joseph Clark, CFEd, RFC, is a business development advisor with Brokers’ Choice of America, a Certified Financial Educator (CFEd) and a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC). He has extensive knowledge in preservation and distribution of wealth, retirement planning strategies, reduction in financial risk, lowering taxes and protecting assets from catastrophic illness and provides agents with advanced case design.

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Barry Goldwater

President, Financial Resource Group

Barry Goldwater is an insurance specialist practicing in Newton, Mass. He works with CPAs and financial planners designing appropriate risk management strategies and ideas for their clients.

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Paul Irving

Chief Marketing Officer, Annuity Department

Paul Irving is the CMO for Annuity Department, a full-service national marketing organization serving select CPS Insurance Affiliates. He has over a decade of experience helping advisors design the best annuity solutions for their clients.

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Seth Kravitz


Seth Kravitz is CEO of and Cyber Technology. was ranked the 24th fastest-growing company in the United States by Inc Magazine in 2009 and serves thousands of agents nationwide.

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Brian Mann

Senior Vice President, Annuities and RIA Divisions, Partners Advantage Insurance Services

Brian D. Mann, is the executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Partners Advantage Insurance Services, LLC, a one-stop shop serving the life insurance, annuity and health product needs of more than 20,000 independent insurance agents and financial planners.

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Ray Ohlson

President, The Ohlson Group

Mr. Ohlson has a unique background in the financial services industry. He spent his first twenty (20) years as a career agent, general agent and owner of a successful Midwest insurance marketing organization.

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Michael Prestwich

President, ImagiSOFT, Inc.

Michael J. Prestwich sold his first annuity in 1975. After seven years he started ImagiSOFT, Inc. which develops life insurance and annuity illustration, marketing, and compliance software.

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David Royer

IRA Distribution Sales Coach, Guaranty Income Life Ins. Co

David F. Royer is the national sales director at Guaranty Income Life Ins. Co. Royer joined the company in 2001 and was promoted to national sales director in 2006. He began studying the growing stretch-IRA market in 2002 and is now a nationally recognized speaker and sales trainer in qualified plan distribution.

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Mark Triplett

VP of Annuity Distribution, AMZ Financial Insurance

Mr. Triplett focuses his time educating annuity producers on annuity products, and suitable sales and promotion techniques.

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Andrew Unkefer

President & CEO, Unkefer & Associates, Inc.

Unkefer & Associates, Inc. is a national annuity and life insurance marketing firm. The company's mission is to be the number one resource for independent agents in their life and annuity business. Since 1994, the company has also been successful in new product development and building distribution through a number of insurance carriers. The company has also spawned patented technology to help agents document their sales electronically while speaking with their clients and created other agent support firms including and Mr. Unkefer may be reached at 800.523.5851 or by visiting

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Mike Walters

CEO, USA Financial

Mike Walters is CEO of USA Financial®, "the world's only IMO, BD, double RIA, and Cross-Platform Marketing Firm." For professional level access to legendary FREE Reports, Audiocast, Videocast and Commentary visit

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