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Posted By: Linda Koco on 9/17/2014

The Iowa Insurance Division wants to combat advertising trends that seem to give consumers a false impression of annuities...

Posted By: Linda Koco on 9/3/2014

An annuity agency executive was reviewing the average age of his firm’s fixed annuity buyers when he noticed a shift. There was a bump-up in buyers who were under age 50 when they bought their policies...

Posted By: Linda Koco on 8/27/2014

In second quarter, 31 percent of all fixed index annuity sales premiums went into hybrid options...

Posted By: McClatchy-Tribune Information Services on 9/1/2014

Posted By: Linda Koco on 9/24/2014

A look at actual transactions - not company surveys - shows strong growth for fixed annuities but modest growth for variable annuities...

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