Annuity News Headlines

Posted By: Cyril Tuohy on 12/1/2014

It’s time for employer-sponsored plans to take the next step, which is to lift the caps on automatic escalation features and raise the default amounts set aside through automatic enrollment to prevent inertia and backsliding...

Posted By: Vivian P Gallo on 11/18/2014

Banner year for fixed index annuities, but variable annuities and traditional fixed annuities maintain slump...

Posted By: Linda Koco on 11/19/2014

Today’s customers demand a great deal of control and choice, and they want the purchasing process to be easy...

Posted By: Linda Koco on 11/14/2014

Soon after the feds allowed longevity annuities into retirement plans, AIG's American General has one to offer...

Posted By: on 11/13/2014

Consumers want guaranteed retirement income and lawmakers and regulators seem ready to lift more barriers...

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