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Secrets of Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders

Improperly sold, a GLIR can do your customers great financial harm. On the other hand, a properly implemented GLIR can be an astute financial move...

Social Security Information -- Key to Effective Seminars

Help clients understand their Social Security options, and they will reward you with their business...

Prepare for the EVIL Days

The “evil day” means a future time characterized by misfortune, distress or suffering. EVIL is also an acronym for the challenges that retirees must overcome to maintain their future living standard...

The Real Cost of Riders

With new suitability regulations, producers will have to quantitatively disclose the real cost of Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders. But how much do these riders cost, and are they worth the price?...

Prepare for Tougher Annuity Standards

Passage of NAIC 2010 means that fixed annuity producers will have to follow similar rigorous suitability standards as those imposed upon variable annuity producers...

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