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Interest Rate Risk of Annuities

Typically, the longer the penalty period is, the higher the interest rate will be - but in today’s ultra low interest rate environment, longer-term annuities pose an incredible interest rate risk too...

‘Savers’ Of Yesteryear Turn To Indexed Products Today

As index annuities and other index linked safe money places are gaining in popularity, the savers are peacefully protesting, saying, “Hey Wall Street: Leave our savings alone!”...

How Many Indexed Annuities Do You Own?

If you sell indexed annuities, but don't own any, then how can you be credible?...

A Lost Decade: Or Was It?

If clients had annuities, they had growth while others lost over the past decade...

Guaranteed Living Benefits or Guaranteed Lawsuits?

Today’s producers need to understand when these riders are beneficial, and when they simply waste your client’s money. When used appropriately, living benefit riders offer great value to consumers. Unfortunately, these beneficial product enhancements are being misinterpreted, and as a result misused by agents...

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Guaranteed Living Benefits or Guaranteed Lawsuits?

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