Don’t Be Afraid of Annuity Sales Technology

August 26, 2011



By Pat Meehan



Let’s face it, new technology can be a scary concept.  Who can blame us though? After all, how many times in our lives have we been pitched on products or services that our supposed to make our business life better, but end up miserably failing and just making things worse? The answer for many people seems to be “too many times.”



Not all technology comes with a side of snake-oil however, especially technology used to help sell annuities. In fact, the right technology can have tangible, positive consequences on your bottom line. The trick is to use technology that is based on proven best practices and sound sales research, which allow you to maximize the effort you are already putting into selling. Even if what you are currently doing seems to be working for your business, you may not realize what more can really be accomplished by putting some faith into all the amazing things current technology can offer.



Annuity sales are definitely a niche market that requires special attention not required in other types of sales. When looking at technology, you should ask yourself if the technology helps you accomplish the following things:



1)     Does it help me get in touch with an annuity lead faster? It’s been proven that the first person to establish contact with an interested party greatly increases the chance for a sale, even if the lead doesn’t purchase immediately or decides to look elsewhere.



2)     Does it help me maintain a positive relationship with the annuity lead throughout the sales cycle? Many times annuity sales aren’t a quick sell. A way to send automated reminders or a sophisticated way to remember to follow up is an important tool in your arsenal.



3)     Does it help you stay organized? The ability to recall notes on conversations that happened yesterday, or a month ago, is the right way you should be doing business.



4)     Does it enforce accountability? Having logs and statistics easily available helps you ensure that your operation is running as efficiently as possible.



It’s time to embrace the right technology and take your selling power to new heights. You can do it!



Pat Meehan is the Marketing Coordinator at Leads360 and Editor of



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