Battle Home Insurance Leads with Exclusive Territories by Zip Code

February 21, 2013

Homeowners insurance agents looking to get a leg up on home insurance leads no longer need to battle for territory anymore. provides exclusive home insurance leads by zip code.

If you are an insurance agent you most likely have been down this road before.  Agents are constantly fighting for leads.  Most lead services sell leads to competing agents typically to 3-5 different agencies battling for business.  This is not the case with  They have developed an easy way for homeowners and future homeowners to find their local agent.  Today it’s important in our competitive insurance market to get your name out there on the internet.  With the internet everyone is looking for insurance and it’s pretty easy for homeowners to fill out online forms and have them sent to various competing agents in their area.  Not anymore, as has taken a different approach than your typical leads service company. 

Offering one agent per zip code guarantees insurance agents with exclusive rights where they want to do business.  For instance, let’s say you purchase 5 zip codes in your local area where write home insurance.  For each zip code purchased, you are the only result.  So when someone selects the zip codes you register, the homeowners can easily find you, their local agent. 

Statistics are generated which tells you the number of visitors you are getting to your zip codes.  The cost is only $80 per zip code per year, which is an extremely cost effective way to get your business name out there in front of the public.  Long gone are cold calls, pounding the pavement and relying on referrals.  To register zip codes visit  Your information will be posted on the site within 24 hours. 

For more information on this new release contact:
Daren DiSantis
484-234-5041 phone
484-450-2539 fax


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