Annuity system breaks new agent records for 2010

December 30, 2010

I still have trouble believing how much commission I'm making from selling annuities. Last year at this time, I was wondering if I'd survive. Now, it's a year later and I've already made about $274,688.00 in commissions. And I expect to do even more in 2011! (I already have 19 appointments booked for January. 19 appointments of hot annuity buyers who all CALLED ME!).

I'm Great In Front of People...

I have to admit that I was as stubborn as anyone could be. But after nine years in the business, I was tired of the disappointment, frustration, stress and pressure. Why? Because I never had a steady stream of people to be in front of who want to buy. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I love this business, no matter how much I spent or what wholesaler I worked with... I still had one huge problem I just couldn't solve...

Getting interested people to talk to!

I have to admit something else. Cold calls make me nauseous because of all the rejection. Not to mention, I am tired of spending money promoting seminars and having four people show up. Or, loitering around the country club, praying that a golf acquaintance will ask me for help. (All the brilliant marketing ideas I've been taught by my company.) Actually, you might say I've been the ultimate "starving professor." Lots of brains, lots of bills, with no money.

In search of the magic bullet...

I stumbled upon an article about some guy who got 31 annuity leads from a little $240 ad. I was compelled to check it out. When I got the info, I finally understood what I (and everyone else) was doing wrong...

I was shocked to find a total marketing system that WORKS!

Being stubborn, I decided to run one of this guy's 'no product' ads right next to one of my annuity ads, for $240 each, just to prove him wrong. The next day I nearly lost my voice when I had 39 calls in one day! I couldn't believe it. Being skeptical, I ran another one of the 'no product' ads and received another 37 calls!

Needless to say, I don't do product marketing anymore and I tossed all of the bad habits that I learned over the years. Now that I'm exclusive using these ads, I've been getting a couple dozen appointments month after month! And, what's even better, they buy lots of products.

Real Marketing Secrets Revealed...

If you want to end the stress associated with this business... and get hot Annuity buyers to call you... you need to register today to discover things like...

  • The 10 biggest mistakes agents make when marketing to consumers, and how to easily avoid them
  • The startling secret words to put at the end of any cheap little ad to get dozens of responses
  • 25 ways to get your clients to volunteer referrals without using the "we get paid in two ways" line, or pestering your clients for names
  • How to have 2-3% responses to your mailings become commonplace
  • How to practically force referral stingy CPA's and Attorneys in your area to hand clients to you
  • How to practically force CPA's and attorneys to refer clients to you!
  • The 'almost' unheard of technique to get responses from the elusive affluent prospects that you dream of working with

And much, much more. Don't waste any more time – to get affluent prospects calling you,

It's Time To Get Serious…
If you really want to make $250,000 and up in commissions each and every year... you need to stop wasting your time with cold prospecting, begging for referrals or worthless internet leads. And you need to find out more about these Explosive New Marketing techniques that actually work to get extremely interested prospects to pick up the phone and call you.

Anyone Can Be Taught To Get Prospects To Call You! 
Once you understand these simple concepts getting "Ready To Buy" Annuity Leads to CALL YOU is as easy as flicking a light switch. And just like that, your commissions will burst to a deep six figure level. Once I saw this work for me, I felt compelled to share my experience with everyone in the industry.

Create A "Dream Business" For Yourself
and start enjoying the lifestyle that has remained elusive for many Agents. Register today and you will quickly discover the latest methods and techniques that you haven't heard before. I have trained 1,000s of Agents my trademarked system that works like a machine and can be easily added to your current business without outlaying crazy sums of money. Regardless of where you live or even if you've never sold Annuities before, you have to check this out.

If you've dreamed of ending the misery of sitting around praying the phone will ring and want to get rid of the fear of never knowing where your next commission is coming from... then you need to register to learn what the top 3% of Agents are doing that you aren't.

Check out these lead counts these agents have been getting recently...

No contracting is required to learn what many are calling one of the greatest information giveaways to Agents that are serious about making a change or just improving their business exponentially.

See for yourself what a few of our Agents are saying:

"This system is great. I have never been so excited in my life. I have more leads then I can run. So far I've closed 3 sales with a total of $500k."
- Charles Casey, Agent 2 Years

"I have added $50k in commissions using this system. Your easier, cost effective marketing allows me to focus my efforts on qualified buyers."
- Tim Steffen, Agent 20 Years

"The top 30% of my clients have come from the marketing methods you have showed me and I am still reaping the rewards from these clients and the referrals from them. On one case alone, I have opened a $250k EIA and a very large 2nd to die policy! I am averaging $25,000 per marketing campaign. I love the freedom and the income that I have finally discovered."
- Kathy Formica, Agent 5 Years to lean how you can TRULY double your commissions in 2½ months.


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