Aflac Launches Enhanced Group Short-Term Disability Plan

June 26, 2013

Columbus, Ga. – June 26, 2013 Aflac, the No. 1 provider of voluntary and guaranteed-renewable insurance in the United States, has introduced an enhanced group short-term disability insurance product. Aflac Group Disability Advantage provides benefits that help protect covered employees from loss of income resulting from accident or illness. 

The product’sguaranteed-issue coverage includes increased disability benefits, optional benefits for pre-existing conditions, and optional limited benefits for mental illness and alcoholism/drug addiction. Other product highlights include:

·         Increased income replacementcoverage – The maximum benefit replaces up to 60 percent of salary (or 40 percent in states with a state disability program).

·         Increased maximum benefit– The total monthly benefit limit is raised to $6,000.

·         Lowered minimum-hours requirement – The minimum hours worked has been reduced to19 hours per week for employees to qualify for coverage.

·         Lowered minimum-incomerequirement – The minimum income has been reduced to $9,000 per year for employees to qualify for coverage.

·         Waiver of premium benefit –After a covered individual has been totally disabled for 90 days, premiums are waived until the benefit period expires.

Many workers underestimate the likelihood they will face short-term disability that leaves them out of work with limited financial options. In fact, the Social Security Administration estimates that more than 25 percent of today’s 20-year-olds will be disabled before reaching age 67.[1] The Aflac Group Disability Advantage plan provides income replacement and partial disability benefits that can help offset loss of income and other costs resulting from illness or injury.

“Short-term disability can result in lost workdays, additional transportation needs, increased household expenses and more,” said Aflac Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Michael Zuna. “The Aflac group short-term disability plan helps protect covered workers who are facing the loss of their most important asset: their ability to earn an income.”

“Short-term disability expenses can quickly add up,” Zuna continued. “According to Aflac’s Real Cost Calculator, even a moderate leg fracture could cost an adult male up to $14,420 in medical and out-of-pocket expenses.”[2]

For more information about Aflac Group Disability Advantage and the financial protection it helps provide, visit, follow @aflacon Twitter.



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