1Q Annuity Sales Up 13% Over Prior Year

Industry-wide annuity sales during the first quarter reached $56.1 billion, up 13.1 percent compared with the first quarter of 2013 when sales totaled $49.6 billion...

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Social Security Claiming Strategies: Only One Piece of the Puzzle

Helping clients determine when and how to best claim benefits is valuable, but it’s only a part of a larger, more complex problem

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits - Part 3: What's Guaranteed?
Most Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits are fully guaranteed, others not so much; does your client understand what they have?

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Clear the Waters Ahead to Discuss Life Insurance

By Bill Koss

Prospects often are uncomfortable discussing life insurance. Here are some suggestions to smooth the way to a conversation.

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IAs As An Alternative To Bonds

The indexed annuity with guaranteed minimum income benefits rider could be a safer alternative to bonds in your client’s retirement portfolio...

New Entrants Steepen Competition In The Fixed Annuities Marketplace

More new entrants are tapping into the financial potential of the fixed annuities marketplace. As they make inroads into this industry, competition for customers is fiercer than ever...

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Study: 10M Gained Health Coverage

A new study estimates that more than 10 million adults gained health insurance by midyear as the coverage expansion under President Barack Obama's law took hold in much of the country...

Two Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings

Two federal appeals courts have handed down conflicting rulings on the same day regarding the health care law's subsidies...

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